The advice and the services mentioned are offered for all types of legal companies and regardless their type of activity: commercial companies, civil companies, agricultural companies, cooperatives as well as for the economic interest groups:
» services of registration of companies and their documents – advice , complete services of registering the companies, complete services for the modification or completion of constitutive documents of a company.
» managerial responsibility
» general assemblies of associates / stock holders – organization, assistance, representation based on power of attorney, registration of legal decisions, actions for annulment of said decisions.
» conventions of associates / stock holders,
» commerce fund – exploitation protection and transactions
» patrimony -- exploitation protection and transactions,
» splitting and fusions of companies
» liquidation and dissolutions of companies
» subsidiaries, branches, points of work
» permanent advice regarding the entire legal activity of a company (based on a contract)

The attorney company, through its advice services (permanent or occasional) covers all operations that can be performed by a company starting its setting up and until its dissolution.

In this field, the attorney company develops a “preventive law” practice, especially through the permanent advice that ensures the companies.